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Polyblip is a duo consisting of Feroze and Chris, a pair of musicians from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their sound blurs the lines between beautiful ambient overtones, instrumental rock music and alternative, going for a very organic, textural and honest approach to production. On one hand, their music makes me think of great psychedelic rock from the 70s (Think early Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream…) while on the other hand, the group also echoes the sounds of post rock and shoegaze music, especially in the way the simple, yet powerful melodies build up and get intertwined into a powerful sonic tapestry. The music featured within their most recent work “Broad Visions”, is suggestive, atmospherics and even emotional, going for a simple, yet elegant approach to production. – Review by Laserlife of Bandcamp Diaries

All songs are composed by Chris & Feroze.

Reach out to us on twitter @polyblip or send an email to band[at]